Ascend H12. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. As a sit-in kayak, the H10 is … After you submit the form we'll email you an activation link with a temporary password. October 15, 2019, 6:08pm #1. My disappointment comes with a smaller craft, not the H10 itself. The physical characteristics of this yak make it seem like it would handle like a bathtub. I have added on each side two rails, two & three inches each. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! I am a big guy and this looks like it may be just the ticket for me, but I am very new to kayaking and hope some of you experts here might have some insight. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Any emails or texts asking only if it is still available will be ignored and deleted. This is a fantastic watercraft for it's price point and one must bear in mind that a solo canoe with this capacity will cost at least twice the cost of the H10. This means you get excellent durability, without having to sacrifice stability or maneuverability. 2020 Ascend 128T Yak-Power Sit-On (Desert Storm) View Details 2020 Ascend H12 Hybrid Sit-In (Camo) View Details 2020 Ascend H12 Hybrid Sit-In (Titanium) View Details 2020 Ascend 12T Sit-On ... 2020 Ascend H10 Hybrid Sit-In (Desert Storm) Based upon my experience a friend sold his Pelican Catch 100 & bought the H10, as of yet because of Covid he has not been able to use it. Many short comings mentioned in reviews appear to relate to the H10 being more canoe than kayak. Overall, this boat is stable, comfortable, and fairly versatile for rec or fishing. It offers the best of both worlds and the result is a kayak that makes for a superb fishing platform. This is one Fish Kickin' Kayak !! Featuring a fully updated design, the Ascend H12 Sit-In Kayak makes the perfect craft for overnight expeditions, yet sports a nimble and balanced build to handle those short day […] I'm a smaller guy so I'm confident that I will not have any issue at all standing up. My disappointment comes with a smaller craft, not the H10 itself. I've also added bow & stern anchors & Scotty anchor locks mounted on an added rail. The hybrids appeal to me for the cargo space to go kayak camping. Standing up will mostly depend on your size. Amazon's Choice for ascend kayak accessories. Tell us what you think the pros of this kayak are. Easily slips into your existing kayak rod holders without the need to drill holes in your kayak. Advice. Request Price Seller Southpoint Marine 6. We are using it primarily for recreation in the bayou's here in Louisiana and I haven't found anything else that I think would do a better job. With a hybrid kayak, you get the dryness of a sit-inside kayak, along with the stability of a sit-on-top kayak. Firstly, my impression is, this is NOT a kayak but a solo canoe. The H10 is comfortable for all day use, with exception of the seat. After having the H12 I'm a little disappointed in the H10, but not because it is lacking. $29.90 $ 29. At 3… For me a bit more padding in the base of the seat & the use of aluminum over a steel frame would be great. Create an account to be able to manage all of your submissions. Another option you may want to consider is a hybrid kayak such as the Ascend H12. It’s one of the most stable kayaks on the market, which is a massive advantage. I've read a number of reviews outside of this forum, and most rate the H10 fairly and highly. Red Head Blind for Ascend H12. While I can carry most everything I need, layout blind, 3 dozen decoys, gun, blind bag, dry bag with extra clothes, jackets…it will be a lil sketchy when it gets windy and trying to cut down the weight I recently got a jet sled jr. The Ascend H10 is a kayak brought to you by Ascend. For your accessories the H12 has forward-cockpit, port and starboard mounting rails that can be used. The Ascend H10 hybrid sit in/on kayak is a scupperless kayak that takes great features from canoes and kayaks and blends them together. For its construction, Ascend used a rotomolded, custom-crafted tunnel hull with a stepped bow and stern keel for the H12. This email address is being protected from spambots. Considering the price, the H12 offers plenty of value for money and should definitely not be overlooked. I purchased it to replace my SOT fishing kayak to something I could portage in rough country. On-deck, the Ascend 10T Sit-On-Top Kayak sports an open design optimized for accessory customization and … Read reviews for the Ascend H10 by Ascend as submitted by your fellow paddlers. The H12 is 12'0” in length, while its width measures in at 32 inches. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; I hear of people standing up, but I lack the guts to try it. Overall the kayak is an excellent all around choice. The premier pontoon, bass, and fishing boat dealer in Gaylord, MI. Ascend H10 Sit-In Hybrid Kayak. Definitely a good option for beginners looking for a versatile boat. The H10 is my top choice as the best Ascend Kayak on the market, and here’s why. Only used it in a lake so far and it tracks well, minor trouble in crosscurrents. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tracking Id give it a 8/10, glide a 8/10, stability 9/10, comfort is a 10/10. The Kayak Motor Mount for handles up to a 55lb thrust of power. Ascend FS10 Reviews - Ascend | Buyers' Guide | I ended up getting the 10 because it’s just easier to transport and tracks better and more convenient for fishing here in south Florida 2 Its unique tunnel hull design results in impressive maneuverability and a stable standing-and-fishing platform. The 12 is more stable but it takes more work paddling especially with a lot of wind. These are add ons for other brands. And Ive gotta say I am very impressed. The Ascend H10 Sit-In Kayak is a few feet shorter than the 128T but still performs well as a fishing kayak. Stable, Stable, Stable ! The stepped keel can tackle any surf with surety of control and direction. Gryphter. I also don't care for the bow & stern covers as they can/will fly off during transport. Despite it's short length it glides well and I have found it handles very adequately in wind and waves, providing you adjust the seat forward or back to trim the boat so the bow is not riding too high or low. This is the last stop on your search for kayaking nirvana. Color Desert Storm Adult owned. Ascend H12 Hybrid Sit-In (Titanium) Laredo, Texas. It offers the best of both worlds and the result is a kayak that makes for a superb fishing platform. Its unique tunnel hull design creates impressive maneuverability and a stable platform for standing or fishing. 4.7 out of 5 stars 301. I ended up removing the rails, put rubber liquid tape in the "ditches" left behind & they have been an excellent place to temporarily place lures, hooks & weights. It is super open and roomy, plenty of leg room and air flow with tons of room for ice chests and equipment. 2018. Welcome to the 24 Hour Showroom of Mega Power Sports. 12T Sit-On The large storage areas in the front and rear are covered with mesh, making it easy to access gear. FREE Shipping by Amazon. PS: How are you? It is adjustable forward and backward to adjust the weight balance (which can trim out how the kayak paddles). struct; COLUMN: 0 ID: CFQUERY LINE: 110 RAW_TRACE: at cfdetail2ecfm1988521549._factor6(E:\www\\detail.cfm:110) TEMPLATE YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder with LockNLoad Track Mounting Base. It has absolutely no dry storage built in. Best wishes. Designed to fit Ascend FS128T, FS12T, FS10T, FS10, H10 and H12 kayaks with built-in Rods Holders. The list below shows all the kayak brands that have been reviewed by our editors and community members. ASCEND® welcomes you to the 10T sit-on-top fishing kayak. Most reviews rightly note the positives of stabilty, maneuverablility, comfort, capacity, accessory rails and cup holders. Building on the reputation … The foot rests are fantastic & easy to adjust with intent, not by accident. However, if you really can’t decide between the two, then a hybrid like the Ascend H12 might help you with your dilemma. I sold the H12 because I needed a lighter kayak for my Thule load assist, so I purchased the Ascend H10 based upon reviews & my experience with the H12. I replaced the covers with custom made covers made of boat tarp & boat locks secure them. I would not try it. Tim Klappert I own the 10 but I’ve used my buddies 12. Contact Us At only 55 pounds its easy to load even on top of my Grand Cherokee. There are no user reviews for this listing. I have read a lot of reviews about this kayak using the Red Head kayak blind, but I can not find it for sale online. I'm looking to buy either the Ascend 12T fishing kayak,or the Ascend H10 Hybrid(mostly the former)to fish the bays,salt marshes,mellow surf,and large lakes(excluding farther out in any seas or large bays).It seems the 12T would be better for what I want than the H10.The H10 is more of a kayak/canoe hybrid sit inside for freshwater and inner bays and salt marshes.I know that as I've kayaked in a sit … I am a big guy, and having a 400 lb carrying capacity means I can actually carry gear with me and not be overloaded. The hull is shaped well...", "My name is jillian silverberg, and I have been asked to serve as a guest columnist for mlaconnect. The wide open cockpit means you can stretch out for a lazy day float or store tackle and other supplies directly in front of you. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Has anyone had any experience with the Ascend H12? amoxicillin generics online Although it may be...", "I would not recommend going over 300 lbs in this kayak. However, if you really can’t decide between the two, then a hybrid like the Ascend H12 might help you with your dilemma. I like the stability of this kayak. The H12 is 12'0” in length, while its width measures in at 32 inches. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you! Overall the H12 is a great kayak for anglers who need a lot of storage space and enjoy going on overnight kayak trips. It is a little slower than some of my previous kayak's but that is to be expected with the width, the extra stability is worth it to me if it keeps me from flipping when I slide over a cypress knee at full speed. It’s a great mix of stability and maneuverability, thanks to the tunnel hull with a stepped bow and stern keel. I've had the Ascend H12, which I was absolutely impressed with. Ascend H10 Hybrid Kayak Review - Payne Outdoors. When used with fishing tackle I felt the bags were in the way of my legs just enough to be annoying. Ascend is a newer boat brand in the marine industry, manufacturing boats that span in size from 9 feet to 13 feet. Only used twice, in a lake. Select how many times you have used this kayak. Ascend welcomes you to the all-new 10T sit-on-top fishing kayak. Inside the roomy cockpit of the H12 you’ll find adjustable foot braces, along with a removable seat that can also be adjusted. 90. Designed to fit the FS12T and H12 kayaks from Ascend®, this blind delivers complete coverage for you and your kayak. YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder, Track Mount - 2 Pack Bundle. At 31 inches wide, 10 feet long, weighs just 55 pounds, the Ascend H10 boasts a weight capacity of 400 pounds. It will retail for $599.99. The innovative Ascend® H10 Sit-In Hybrid Kayak delivers the unique blend of performance, storage, and rigging characteristics in the longer H12 model but in a nimbler 10' build for the most adventurous among us. I got an Ascend H12 back in July. For a 10 foot kayak it tracks well & is stable. " or NUTAKU Gold Hack Download Youtube AUGUST 2020 KW: Nutaku Currency Hack OCTOBER 2020 Nutaku Money OCTOBER 2020 Nutaku MONEY Hack Tool...", "Thank you very much for the invitation :). The kayak performs well in wind, chop and of course in calm waters. I was pretty set on the Ascend H12 as it seems to be pretty much ideal for my purposes (slow rivers, medium to large lakes, multi-day trips, some fishing), but before plunking down the money I’m trying to weigh all my options. Join the ascend kayak owners group on Facebook they have lots of knowledge over there and are very active. The H10 is comfortable for all day use, with exception of the seat. All content provided by is copy written and any use, without express written consent of Yakangler, is a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws. Traditionally, when it comes to fishing kayaks you have a choice between sit-in and sit on top, each with their own pros and cons. For me a bit more padding in the base of the seat & the use of aluminum over a steel frame would be great. Our ultimate fishing kayak buying guide has every fishing kayak available in a sortable list. It also offers plenty of stability, so you can easily stand in it, which is another plus. With a cockpit opening that is 53.5” long and 23.5” wide, you have plenty of space to move around. Lastly, this kayak has a threaded, sealed drain plug and two molded-over rubber-grip carry handles. Ohio registration is good until 2021.Includes, Bending Branches Angler Classic paddle, Cabela`s fishing life //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. //